Elderly Stockton Man Targeted by Burglars

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Two people whom Stockton Police and the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office are after for a series of thefts and burglaries struck again Monday, this time targeting a 90-year-old Stockton man who, according to those who live near him, suffers from dementia.

The episode began Monday after the man, Richard Sullivan, hit another car with his truck. The two suspects, one middle-aged man and one middle-aged woman, offered to help the man by fixing the truck’s damages for $1,000. It ended with the two trying to force money from his bank account and eventually stealing items from inside Sullivan’s apartment.

At 90 years old, it’s hard for Sullivan to get around these days, and even harder for him to remember things.

"Oh, my memory is…" Sullivan said, never finishing his sentence, as he shook his head.

He does remember the two suspects, who returned to his apartment complex Wednesday before being scared off by his property manager.

"They were talking to him and told him for a thousand dollars they could fix the damages,” said property manager Kristelia Torres, who did not want the specific apartment complex identified.

Torres confronted the two once they returned and took a picture of them with her cell phone. She called police and reported the incident.

"They showed me the picture, and I said that's the two people,” said Sullivan.

They convinced Sullivan to drive to a Wells Fargo in Central Stockton and take the money from his bank account. Sullivan frequently makes trips to the bank. Tellers suspected something suspicious and refused to let Sullivan withdraw more than $40.

The suspects didn’t quit. They drove Sullivan home, and went into his apartment.

"The female rummaged through the whole apartment, stole some items. They stole his necklace, his cell phone,” said Torres.

"They took my change and my billfold is gone,” said Sullivan.

Sheriff’s deputies have surveillance video of the two after they allegedly shoplifted at a local Target.

According to a sheriff’s office report, the two also hit a Costco, Wal-Mart, and Salon Genesi, a nearby hair salon.

"I ran to the back, saw my purse was open, my wallet was gone, so I ran after them,” said Melissa Hamm, a hair stylist at Genesi.

Hamm didn't catch them, she hoped deputies or police would before they robbed again, let alone rob someone so vulnerable as Sullivan.

"I hope you rot in hell,” said Hamm in a pointed statement toward the two suspects. “My grandpa had Alzheimer's, and the thought of someone doing that to my grandpa really pisses me off.”

Both Stockton police and the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office are independently working to track down the two suspects.

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