Three Young Boys Face Charges for Vandalizing Waterford Church

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Unlikely criminals broke into a Waterford church two times in one week. What's more shocking than the damage they allegedly caused is the age of these three boys.

Four broken windows, fire extinguisher retardant sprayed everywhere and holes in the wall are just some examples of the destruction at Church of Christ on North Pasadena Avenue. The damage is bad, but it isn't the job of experienced criminals.

Waterford Police said three boys, ages 7, 8 and 9, vandalized the church. FOX40 spoke to the mother of the 8-year-old, and while she didn't want to be identified, she said their age isn't an excuse.

She said she gave her young son advice after she turned him into the police.

"If you're going to continue to act like this, this is where you're going to end up: In the back of this police car. I made him be responsible," she said.

The church has quite the mess to clean up, but scribbles on the walls and broken glass don't compare to what they call a more personal attack.

"Saddest part is they did destroy a few Bibles, that was the only thing that hurt people," said church member Eric Anderson.

Even after the damage, Anderson said he doesn't hold a grudge against the boys.

According to the Waterford Police Department, all three of the boys are facing burglary and vandalism charges.

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