Two Suspects Arrested For Robbing Elderly Stockton Man

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(Photo Courtesy: Stockton Police Department)

(Photo Courtesy: Stockton Police Department)

STOCKTON — Two suspects accused of forcing an elderly man to withdraw money from his bank account were arrested Friday, according to the Stockton Police Department.

Michael Perez, 51, and Dorothy Romero, 35, befriended an 89-year-old man on Monday in an attempt to steal money from his bank account. The two suspects offered to help the man by fixing damages to his truck for $1,000. After taking him to a local Wells Fargo bank in a failed attempt at getting money, the suspects returned the man home and stole multiple items from his home.

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Officers located the suspects Friday as they tried to leave town. Romero was located first at a downtown bus station, waiting to board. They then located Perez at a nearby Amtrak station and took the suspects into custody.

Romero and Perez admitted to their crimes, and now face charges of burglary and theft of an elderly person.

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