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Anti-Semitic Fliers Appearing on University Campuses Reach UC Davis

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A message of hate is now reverberating across the country. Universities from Massachusetts all the way to UC Davis apparently targeted by a hate group, according to university officials.

The flier, with images of swastikas, anti-Jewish messages, and a call for global white supremacy went through several printers on college campuses. Several University of California schools reported the same incident, unsure if the group hacked into the schools' computer or printing system.

University chancellor Linda Katehi sent out a school-wide email condemning the fliers.

"Our university takes very seriously incidents that are intimidating, threatening or hostile to any member of the UC Davis community"

This isn’t the first expression of hate Ardich Arikal has seen since he’s been at UC Davis. Last year, swastikas were painted on a Jewish fraternity. “It's happening all of the time,” Arikal told FOX40.

Both exchange students from turkey, Arikal and classmate Avca Ozcan say they expected to leave religious intolerance behind.

"We moved here leaving our country to be safe but then again, we see hate crimes everywhere,” Ozcan said.

Now, once again, UC Davis students have to ask themselves why messages of hate appear on their campus.