Lawsuit Claims Medical Device Caused Brain Damage

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SEATTLE (AP) — A software designer is suing a California company, claiming its medical device used to treat aneurysms malfunctioned and caused him to suffer brain damage.

Dennis Montgomery filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court against Penumbra (pen-UM-bra) last month seeking medical costs and damages. The company responded last week with a motion to dismiss the suit.

Montgomery’s lawyer, Peter Mullenix, says the Penumbra Coil 400 was used to treat an aneurysm Montgomery suffered in 2013. During the surgery, the doctor placed 90 percent of the coil into the aneurysm, but the last 10 percent got stuck in the artery.

Mullenix says if the device worked properly, the doctor should have been able to remove the coil and try a different approach.

The coil and stints used during the procedure remain in Montgomery’s brain.