Man Arrested For Shoplifting Hours After Carjacking a Mercedes During Test Drive

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A man was arrested in Lathrop for shoplifting Friday, just hours after carjacking a Mercedes Benz from a Stockton car dealership, officials said.

According to the Stockton Police Department, Willie Lee Bowie III, 24, visited Berberian European Motors requesting to test drive a Mercedes Benz C230. After having his license photocopied, he went with a sales representative on a test drive but declined to go back to the dealership. Instead, Bowie pulled out a gun, hit the sales rep and forced him out of the vehicle.

Hours later, Bowie was spotted inside a Lathrop Target changing his outfit and shoplifting the clothes. He was caught by store security and turned over to Lathrop Police. He attempted to run from police during the exchange, but was tackled and caught.

Bowie is facing charges of carjacking, shoplifting and resisting arrest.