Financial Troubles Shut Down Roseville’s Downtown Tuesday Nights

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Tuesday nights in Roseville during the summer are often marked with festivities, fun and food -- all part of Downtown Tuesday Nights. But this year, financial troubles plagued the event.

The festival is a summer tradition 12 years strong in Roseville.

From May to July, vendors, classic cars and bands take over Vernon Street on Tuesday nights.

Rob Dick, president of the Downtown Roseville Merchants association, says canceling the event this year was a difficult decision.

"It was a focal point of the summer, it would draw a lot of people from the community," Dick said.

But entertainment like the festival is fueled by money, and this year the money from private sponsorships necessary to put the event on just never came in.

The Downtown Roseville Merchants board says they are about $30,000 short.

Scott Alvord, a member of the Roseville Merchants board, said Monday that the amount of money still needed was significant.

"We've had really big sponsors over the years, but when the economy tanked, the sponsors kind of started going away and it was really hard to try and drum them up," said Alvord.

Roseville city leaders say they attempted to ease the financial burden of the merchants by agreeing to take on the cost of closing city streets. A savings of about $12,000.

But it wasn’t enough to keep the event from being canceled.

Dominick Casey, the assistant city manager of Roseville, said the city tried to team up with the board to help. However, the festival is not planned into the city budget, so there was a limit to how much could be extended.

"One of our council goals is revitalization of the downtown, when we saw Downtown Tuesday Nights was going away, as a merchant event we were sad to see it go, it’s a great event for the community, great event for Vernon Street," said Casey.

Former Downtown Roseville business owner Alvord says he realizes the impact it will have on businesses on Vernon Street, now without the economic boost that inevitably comes with those meandering window shoppers.

"I owned a restaurant down here for 12 years, I just sold it last year, but it’s a huge event, you get thousands of people walking by your shop, a lot of them come in," said Alvord.

This summer, downtown Roseville will be a bit quieter, less festive than the 12 years before.

Board members say although the event was canceled this year, they hope to rebound with a boom in the coming years.

"We've got some time now to work on it, hopefully get things put together and bring the event back," said Alvord.

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