Tree Branch Comes Crashing Down on Car Driving Along J Street

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"There's a lot more tree there than what I could see from inside the car and ... I'm just really amazed that the whole thing just didn't collapse," said Courtney.

The scary, splintering swan dive that surrounded her was caught by a cell phone camera.

But before anyone saw that dramatic fall, State Senator Andy Vidak knew it was about to happen.

"I was just walking back, and I walked underneath this tree and I could hear it cracking ... and thought 'uh oh,'"he said.

His experience with trees as a cherry farmer told him what he was hearing would undoubtedly turn dangerous.

He moved one driver who was parked too close.

"Then somebody else parked there, and I told them get out of there 'cause it's gonna fall right here ... right where it is on the sidewalk," Vidak said.

Aman Baines was that driver.

"And I cut off oncoming traffic. And as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I looked back and saw the branch coming down on another car," said Aman Baines.

What was Senator Vidak thinking as it started to come down?

"I was worried about the folks who were gonna be underneath it ... so I ran out here to try to stop 'em."

"He was kind of on the street, and I thought what is he doing, is he wanting to cross? So I started to slow down, and I'm glad I did because had I not ... no telling what would have happened," said Courtney.

From "no telling what could have happened" to living to tell -- in spite of all that fell.

Now Tracy Courtney can even find a little humor in this kind of commute.

"It's a little Nissan. 'Hey Nissan,'" she laughed, flashing the thumbs up sign. "It kept me safe."

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