Yuba River Charter School Closed Tuesday After Student Tests Positive for Measles

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A Yuba River Charter School student positively tested for measles, prompting the school to be closed on Tuesday, school officials said.

The child attended school on March 17, while they were infectious, The Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency said in a letter that was sent to parents.

Measles spreads very easily by air and direct contact, and can be spread to any unvaccinated student just by being in the same room as the infected child.

The school says all unvaccinated students must stay home until at least April 8.

The April date will be the end of a three week "outbreak window" after the last known case at the school.

Students at the school will be required to show documentation of immunity to measles or measles vaccinations records.

There's no word on how old the infected student is or where they contracted the disease.

State health numbers show that only 52% of 7th graders at Yuba River Charter School have current vaccinations and only 43% of kindergartners are vaccinated.

The director of the school did not comment when asked how many students may be out of school when it re-opens Wednesday.

Letter to Parents

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