Sacramento Father of 3 in Coma After Taking Pill Laced with Fentanyl

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Sheila Sheppard weeps for her 28-year-old grandson Jerome Butler.

"It's wrong. Do not take pills if it was not prescribed for y'all. That go for adults, that go for kids. Do not take 'em. They kill y'all," Sheppard said as tears streamed down her face.

As his family prays for him outside of Kaiser South in Sacramento, the young father of three lays in a hospital bed in critical condition.

"He was given the pill that has him laying up on his death bed," his mother Natasha Butler said.

Jermome Butler is in a deep coma, suffering from kidney and liver failure along with a swollen brain.

Natasha Butler says this all started on Friday when her son purchased Norco from someone he trusted, not knowing it was laced with Fentanyl, a powerful opiate used to treat pain in terminal cancer patients.

"It was a trust thing that led him to go to sleep, that led him to not get up to vomit," she said.

Natasha Butler says her son complained of chest pains shortly before he fell unconscious.

"When I saw my son, I'm like, 'boy what is you doing? I told you we don't mess with drugs, no pills,'" she recalled.

Butler is among more than two dozen overdoses in Sacramento County in the last week.

Both the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and the Drug Enforcement Agency are investigating where the tainted pills came from.

"I want the one who's distributing this pill. And to tell you, I will not stop. I'm coming for you," she said.

A solemn promise from Butler's mother.

"This is my son with his three children. And he's fighting for his life," she said.

The family asks for prayers.

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