Davis Police Warn of Burglars Who Kick in Front Doors

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The bike-friendly city of Davis is now the target of some unfriendly house guests -- burglars who kick down doors of homes to steal cash, jewelry and safes.

Davis police said there have been at least six of these cases in the last month -- the last two happening during Easter weekend.

For the last three years, Lara Fitch-Polse has lived near F and Covell Boulevard, an area recently hit by the bold burglars.

Davis police said the criminals knock on doors and when they determine no one is home, they bust open the front door and commit their crimes.

Fitch-Polse was surprised her neighborhood was targeted.

"Everybody definitely has an eye out. When someone is going out of town, they say, 'We'll keep an eye out on your house for you,'" Fitch-Polse said.

On top of ADT alarms, Fitch-Polse said she has the best security system -- Benny and Baxter.

"We've got big dogs. Maybe that's a deterrent. I don't know," Fitch-Polse said.

Neighbor, Jeremy Wright said he is not surprised at the incidents.

A few weeks ago, he said he was the victim of mail theft, and a few months ago his home was burglarized.

"Out back window was broken, and the windows were scattered around," Wright said.

Since then, Wright said his family has upped security all around their home.

"We got a gate lock, a gate, an alarm system and a dog," Wright said.

Davis police said these front-door-busting burglars also hit homes in South Davis, near Mace Boulevard and Richards Boulevard.

So far, they have no surveillance footage nor witnesses to the crimes, so they are now reaching out to the public for help.

"I hope that we can figure it out, and we can get back to the safe neighborhood that we've known," Fitch-Polse said.

If you have any information that may lead to an arrest, you are encouraged to call Davis Police at (530) 758-3600