Lodi Man’s Home Burglarized, Business Vandalized in Less Than 24 Hours

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A local family says after their home was ransacked and their business vandalized in less than 24 hours, they're wondering if someone is holding a grudge against them, or if they are part of a larger crime spree.

Matthew Wendt told FOX40 someone kicked in his back door and ransacked his home Monday morning some time after 9 a.m. He said he found several of his hats in the driveway when he came home for lunch Monday, then noticed his front door was wide open.

"Stuff was everywhere, they just went through everything. It's really scary," Wendt said.

Wendt said the burglars took clothes, jewelry, electronics, makeup, a safe containing cash and a shotgun he inherited from his father.

"So it had sentimental value. I wanted to pass it down to my son one day. It's definitely scary there's another gun on the street and in the hands of somebody that's a criminal. And then all the ammunition, too, there was a lot of ammunition for different types of guns," Wendt said.

Wednesday morning, when Wendt arrived at his auto shop, Cali Style Customs on Turner Road, he noticed shattered glass all over the hood of a car. When he looked up at the window, he saw it was cracked.

"There's an indentation so it looked like it maybe could have been a bullet. There's a hole in the middle," Wendt said.

Wednesday morning, Wendt went to Facebook to post information on a reward he's offering in his home burglary and noticed a post in a Facebook crime watch group.

Another neighbor, also on Turner Road, posted that someone attempted to break into his front door Monday morning just after 9 a.m., shaking his door violently until his dog growled, and then the person ran down the street.

Now he wonders if the daytime burglaries with similar circumstances are part of a larger crime spree.

"Those two appear to be an isolated incident," said Lt. Mike Kermgard with the Lodi Police Department.

Kermgard said the police department did not identify any string of burglaries in the area.

He did say, however, that they noticed a pattern of behavior with daytime burglars. He said they typically knock first.

"They generally will ask you if they can clean your gutters or something to that effect, if you're home. The best thing you can do is make your home look occupied," Kermgard said.

Wendt said a stranger came to his door the day before the burglary and asked if he saw his lost dog. He said the man didn't go to any other doors on his street.

Wendt started to install a security system at his home Wednesday night.

He said if someone is in fact holding a grudge against him, he hopes they find a way to let it go.

"All I want to do is support my family. I work hard every day to do that, and I don't want any trouble with anybody," Wendt said.

If you have any information about the home burglary you can contact Wendt through Facebook.

He is offering a reward of $500 for information leading to the arrest of the burglars. He is also offering a $1,000 reward for the return of his safe unopened or the shotgun.