Nevada City School: Only Vaccinated Students Allowed

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A day after the Yuba River Charter School in Nevada City was shut down after it was discovered a student contracted measles, only certain students were allowed back inside of the building for class Wednesday.

Parents had to personally check in their children for class, having them marked off of a list of students who have records of the measles vaccination.

Those who are not on the list had to prove that they were vaccinated prior to the recent finding of a student with measles on campus.

"We've done a lot of notifications. Everyone knew what needed to be done to be here," Ron Charles, the school's director, told FOX40.

The decision was made by the school and the Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency.

Nevada County health officials say the student with measles was infectious and at the school on March 17. It's the only confirmed case of measles in the entire state.

Nevada County has one of the lowest rates for vaccinated schoolchildren in the state.

Record show that around 50 percent of kindergartners and 7th graders do not have their vaccinations.

All students will be allowed to return the class vaccinated or not on April 8, that's the three-week window since it was found the student contracted the virus.