Possible Measles Exposure Puts Two Counties on High Alert

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A case of measles is having a ripple effect across multiple counties after health officials learned an unvaccinated child from Nevada County may have exposed others to the virus.

"I'm scared, I'm frightened, that's amazing, it's something we had 30 some years ago that we're worried about now it's back!" said Heidi Penen.

Now some parents in Amador County are concerned after hearing a contagious person ate at Strings Italian Cafe in Jackson last Wednesday.

FOX40 asked the Amador County health officer if the infected diner is the student who came to Yuba River Charter School with measles on March 17.

Dr. Rita Kerr would only say this.

"I can tell you that the state has confirmed only one case of measles in the state so far this year," Dr. Kerr said.

Dr. Kerr and her team have been busy trying to track down everyone who was at Strings last Wednesday.

She says anyone unvaccinated or without immunity to measles is at risk.

"It's very contagious, and it's airborne when the measles is coughed out it stays in the air for over an hour after the person coughs it into the air," Kerr said.

Penen believes this case proves the importance of vaccinations in protecting public health.

"It kind of raises the question should you immunize your kids should you not immunize your kids?" Penen said.

But others don't think vaccines should be required.

"Not unless the parents choose to do that to their children," said Marti Martin.

Nevada County has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state.

Now many unvaccinated students at Yuba River Charter School won't be going to class until next Friday.

The Amador County Health Department is asking anyone who was at Strings Italian Cafe to give them a call: (209) 223-6407