Possible Road Rage Stabbing Under Investigation

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The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department is searching for a man accused of stabbing a young mother during a driving dispute in Rancho Cordova Tuesday morning.

"She's a remarkable woman, she really is, and I'm just thankful I still have her," Logan Brown said.

Brown told FOX40 his wife, Kayla, called him Tuesday morning as she was running errands in her minivan and said she feared a man was following her.

"So I told her I was gonna leave work and meet her at the house just to make sure nothing was gonna happen," Brown said.

He said by the time he got home, his wife was sitting down in their driveway with a switchblade stuck in her side.

"It had ridges on it so it looked like he tried to pull it out but because of the puncture, he couldn't pull it out," Brown said.

The couple said they believe the driver who followed Kayla and stabbed her was motivated by road rage.

"At some point while she was driving home, she made a movement on the roadway, cut an individual off," Captain R.L. Davis with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said.

Captain Davis told FOX40 shortly after that maneuver, both drivers got out of their cars and a confrontation ensued. That's when he said Kayla was stabbed.

"If you have a confrontation with somebody, try not to let it escalate, because you just don't know, you don't know who that person is in the car next to you," Captain Davis said.

"My job is to protect my wife and kids and provide for them and give us the best chance to be stable and provide a safe environment," Brown said.

Although Brown was able to get home quickly and get his wife the medical attention she needed, authorities say it is better for drivers to call 9-1-1 if they feel threatened by another driver out on the roadway.

Captain Davis said it is also a good idea for people who feel they may become the victim of road rage to drive to the closest well-lit location with people nearby so there are witnesses to any sort of confrontation.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his twenties who was driving a white four-door sedan with tinted windows. Brown's wife believed if may have been either a Mercedes or a Lincoln.

If you believe you saw a car matching that description near Klamath River Drive in Rancho Cordova Tuesday morning at around 11 a.m., contact the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.