County Employees, Power Companies Eliminate Invasive Plants

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Employees of Sacramento County along with PG&E and SMUD teamed up on Cesar Chavez Day to help prevent fires along the American River Parkway Thursday.

Invasive plants are a nuisance along the parkway, and can be fuel for fires in the area that sees many of them during the warmer months.

For PG&E and SMUD, this is a proactive measure.

Many of the plants can grow extremely tall under transmission towers, and if a fire were to occur it could cut power to tens of thousand.

"It's been four years of drought and we want to make sure these areas are clear," says Becky Johnson who specializes in vegetation with PG&E.

For Sacramento County employees lending a hand today this is their first to Cesar Chavez day that is officially a holiday after supervisor Phil Serna urged the county to do so last summer.