Sacramento Craft Brewery Opens Up in Hollywood Park

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SACRAMENTO -- The sips and the smiles are flowing freely at one Sacramento suds spot, but one micro-brewery, and its six-option menu, aren't in Midtown.

You'll find them in a warehouse in Hollywood Park.

"We started doing it at home, and we just take passion in our craft and people can tell," Fountainhead's proud brewer Daniel Moffatt said.

Moffat and Fountainhead owner Mark Bojescu upped their garage game to a warehouse, making their first real non-festival sales to the public.

As opposed to some craft creations that stress a focal point, Moffat's signature is balance.

"I balance the the malt with the hoppiness, and the alcohol content and the sweetness, he said.

They're trying to fill their own glasses with some of the almost $7 million worth of economic impact the craft beer industry pours out in California.

The Brewers Association reports more than 600 spots like Fountainhead opened and closed nationwide in 2014 -- 400 last year. Still, they're not concerned the market's getting over saturated.

"Not right now. A lot of breweries are opening up. We're excited. The beer community's so open. They're inviting," said Bojescu.

Fountainhead Brewing Company is located at 4621 24th St. in Sacramento.

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