Officials: Pills Local Man Turned in to DEA ‘Look Like’ Deadly Fentanyl Drugs

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"I gotta get them off the street."

The man on the other side of this conversation came across these 13 pills after he says an acquaintance bought them, took one because she thought they were Norco, and was hospitalized shortly after.

Luckily, she survived. The man, who under the veil of anonymity, says the girl told him fentanyl was found in her system.

"Basically, I'm here at the DEA to provide them with information, solid information, of where these are coming from," he told FOX40.

The girl was scared to come forward, he says, for fear she would get arrested for possession of illegal narcotics.

DEA officials would not speak to us on camera, but a spokesperson told FOX40, to her knowledge, this is the first time since 36 people have overdosed and 9 have died in the Sacramento area, that someone has come forward with this many pills.

They have to be tested, but investigators say they look like the deadly fentanyl pills that are going around.

"I have pictures, I've got addresses, I've got everything," the man said.

He wouldn't share that information with the sheriffs deputies who met with him. Instead, he wanted to speak exclusively with DEA agents because he believes a "higher government agency" would take it more seriously.

Sacramento investigators tell FOX40 there is some benefit of going directly to the Drug Enforcement Agency. Local police need reasonable evidence that the pills are in fact fentanyl, or investigators "may destroy them" before they get to a federal crime lab.

All law enforcement officials tell FOX40, however, those coming forward with fentanyl pills purchased illegally are not at risk of arrest. In fact, they encourage more people to act as this man did.

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