Speeding Driver Crashes Into, Damages a Family’s Backyard and Flees

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A Sacramento family is fixing their back yard fence for the second time in a year. This time, after a driver went over the center line and crashed into their yard.

Seven-year-old Morgan and his little sister, Mia, picked up bits and pieces of a stranger's car left in their back yard. The Matuskeys' East Sacramento fence and yard on Elvas Avenue was pummeled by a driver over night.

"Obviously, he took this gazebo out, took out a bunch of furniture, trees, and you can see where he didn't back out, but sharply cut a new hole in the fence to get out," homeowner Rachel Matuskey said.

By the time Matuskey ran outside, the driver was gone. The Matuskeys and their neighbors said what happened early this morning is not a fluke. In fact, it has happened many times over the past few years.

"I remember years ago, a guy came around the other direction and flipped his car. So this is not new," Donna Martin said.

Martin has lived in East Sacramento for three decades. She said this part of Elvas Avenue has always been a problem spot. Other neighbors agree.

"Our neighbors across the street have witnessed it at least 3 times in the five years they have been here," Matuskey said.

One of those was a one year ago almost to the day. The Matuskeys, who had just moved in at the time, had to replace a portion of their fence because another driver did the same thing.

Residents said the problem is two-fold.

The Matuskeys live in a curved section of Elvas Avenue, in the middle of a long stretch of the road with no stop signs or lights. Because of this, they said drivers tend to ignore the 35 mph speed limit.

"You hear people just gun their engines, and take off," Matuskey said.

For years, neighbors of this East Sacramento area have written letters to the city, asking for help. A few years ago, the city installed a flashing 25 miles per hour sign. But residents said obviously, they need more.

"A concrete barrier, steel whatever, but it would give us so much peace of mind if there was an actual median so they could just never get over here, you know?" Matuskey said.

Matuskey said the driver who did this eventually turned himself in, but the clean up and emotional recovery will take the family much longer.

There were no reports of injuries in this incident.

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