Suspected Marijuana Grow House in South Sacramento Robbed

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SACRAMENTO -- A bold robbery of a marijuana grow house has a whole neighborhood on edge, especially since that home is directly across the street from a school. Now those who live in the area wonder if their kids will ever be able to play outside.

Carmen, who didn't want to give her last name, and her 6-year-old granddaughter Ke'Layhia, are worried about what's happening in their neighborhood.

"We got problems, but, you know, this is a good neighborhood," Carmen told FOX40.

But on Friday night, she said those problems came to a head.

"I was in the bed with my granddaughter... it was like some kind of explosion or something," Carmen said.

According to Sacramento police, that explosion was robbers blowing the door off a suspected marijuana grow house on Monarch Drive. The suspects stole several marijuana plants from inside  the house before taking off.

Potting soil, plastic growing bins, leaves and even a few marijuana plants were visible in the front yard of the home when FOX40 went to the neighborhood on Saturday.

"And what concerns me is that we've got neighbors and all our neighbors have children," Carmen said.

In fact, just across the street from the suspected grow house is Freeport Elementary School, where Ke'Layhia attends 1st grade.

"And the kids play at this park, there's a school right there. This has been known for a long time about this grow house here," Carmen said.

A few months ago, Carmen said she was warning neighbors about a series of break-ins people reported on her street.

When she went to the grow house, the men inside were nervous about the idea of police coming out.

"I told them, I said, 'Well, I'm calling the police. We're neighbors we got to stick together,'" she explained. After the men said not to call the police, they got in their cars and left.

When officers arrived, it was the police who told Carmen they suspected marijuana plants were inside.

"They told me that that house is already under investigation," Carmen said. "I just hope there's no more around here."

Sacramento Police Department said it can not comment on its investigation into this grow house. But back out here, another red flag for many neighbor was all the surveillance cameras and guard dog signs posted at this home.

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