Shooting Death in Lodi Marks Fourth Homicide in Four Months

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Lodi police are searching for a shooter who took the life of a man early Saturday morning. This murder marks the fourth homicide in the city in just as many months.

The latest happened in front of the Golden Era Hotel and Boarding House in Lodi. Police said the victim, a 30-year-old man, was shot early Saturday and was killed on the spot. But the department is releasing few other details, including the victim's name.

While dozens of people who live at the Golden Era claimed to FOX40 they didn't know him, a sign next to the memorial reads "R.I.P Chachi."

Just a few blocks away, on the other side of the train tracks in downtown Lodi, Brandon Hill and his family are sad to hear Lodi has seen four homicides in four months.

"You know, it's starting to change, it used to be a good small town with small town values," Hill said.

Others agree four murders in just as many months seems high for Lodi.

"Does worry me a little bit when I start hearing about these homicides that are happening around us," said Hector Escalante, who lives in Lodi.

In January, two men were shot within 24 hours of each other. The first happened on Garfield Street, the second on East Oak Street. Police arrested a suspect with known gang ties in the second homicide, but are still searching for the shooter in the first. Then in February, 74-year-old Dorothy Wiederrich was found tied to a chair and stabbed, murdered in her own home.

Lodi residents are shocked that case has still gone unsolved.

"Especially if you're a female, it's scary, but I think that it depends on where you go and the time of day that you're going," said Hatzin Escalante.

But some residents said homicides can happen anywhere, and they're not scared.

"There's certain parts of Lodi that are not safe, but that's true of any city ... But overall I think Lodi is a safe place," Hector Escalante said.

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