Family Searching for Stolen Dog; 2-Year-Old German Shepherd Belongs to Elderly Cancer Patient

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A Yuba City family is hoping someone can help return their family dog. The 2-year old German shepherd was taken in front of the Gold Eagle Market in Loma Rica. The dog's owner is in the hospital getting treatment for cancer.

The Klug family's German shepherd, Lisel, originally ran away while the family was at dinner.

"We put her in this horse trailer thinking that she wouldn't be able to get out. And when we came back we saw that she was missing," said Clara Klug, the granddaughter of Lisel's owner.

The young female dog belongs to Grandpa Klug, a Loma Rica resident who is currently battling cancer in a Southern California hospital room.

"She was a very good dog and gave him company when he was out in the empty fields with cows," Clara Klug said.

Now his grandchildren can't believe his favorite pet may have been dog-napped.

"And when we lost her,  I  was really sad and I miss the dog," said 6-year-old Leah Klug.

Surveillance video taken at the Gold Eagle Market in Loma Rica on March 25 shows what happened.

A neighbor was trying to return the dog to the Klugs but was running late to work at the market. That's when a man, who can be seen in the video, commented on how beautiful the dog is and lied and said he knew the family. The neighbor allowed him to put the dog in his SUV, but he drove off before the neighbor could get any contact information from the man.

"To see that and to see that's my dog, that's my dog, to go back and forth and I start crying because who does that? Who takes a dog?" said Angelika Klug, whose father owns the dog.

The family knows the man wasn't alone. Another man and two women were with him at the time, and one of the women had distinctive pink hair.

"We're hoping that someone saw this woman. We know this is a person driving a black SUV, a Chevy Traverse, it was a woman with light pink hair," said Vanessa Klug, daughter-in-law of Lisel's owner and Clara and Leah's mother.

Angelika Klug said her father doesn't know the dog is missing, as the family worries what that could mean for his recovery.

She said the two are close, as Lisel will ride in his golf cart while he cares for cattle on his ranch in Loma Rica.

But the family hopes the offer of a reward with no questions asked will reunite them with the most loyal and loved member of their family.

"Anyone who has animals and loves animals knows this is like your child," Angelika Klug said.

"Just please, give her back," said grandson Markus Klug.

Anyone who might recognize the people in the surveillance video or knows where the German shepherd is is encouraged to contact FOX40 at, or by calling (916) 454-4548. The family is offering a reward, with no questions asked.

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