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Boy Recovering after He’s Clotheslined by Barbed Wire on Dirtbike Track

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An young boy is recovering from injuries he sustained to his neck after his parents say he was clotheslined by barbed wire while riding on the E Street MX track in Marysville.

"I know it looks horrible it was all tissue damage, so luckily there was nothing vascular. But this could have been so, so much worse," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth's grandson, 8-year-old Brandon Overbeck rides his quad at local motocross tracks quite often. His grandmother said he is a skilled rider, and had already looped the E Street MX track several times Saturday morning before he lost control of his quad.

His family, who was nearby at the time, said Brandon's wheel caught a rut near the edge of the track, sending his quad away from the track, where his neck caught on a loosely strung piece of barbed wire just off the track.

"You know I just went to that image of, 'Oh my god, he's probably lost his head.' And it was horrible for a moment, but once I had the photos and heard he was talking, then I was able to calm down just a little bit," Elizabeth said.

Although Brandon's neck was badly cut, his grandma said he was quickly bandaged up at a hospital and was already back in school Monday. She believes his injuries could have been far worse, had he not been wearing a helmet and a neck guard.

Other riders at the track told FOX40 they think an adult would have been injured far worse on the barbed wire, had one of them hit it.

"He was a little boy, he got lucky, but someone my size, wouldn't have gone through the barbed wire, that's gonna hold up stronger than my neck," Kyle Parker said.

Parker rides at the E Street MX track and the adjacent MMX track often. He said the owners always kept the track well-maintained and that he saw someone out there almost everyday raking the sand on the course.

"I don't know if anybody did it intentionally or not but if it was, that's messed up," Parker said.

Both Parker and Overbeck's family believes someone must have gotten onto the track and left the barbed wire off to the side. They both said that transients are known to set up camp right next to the E Street MX track, and that many other people hang out in the open space by the river bottom.

"Nobody really knows how the wire got there," Elizabeth said.

They are just hoping it was left behind unintentionally and not set up as a sick prank.
FOX40 reached out to E Street MX by phone, email and Facebook on Monday. We have not yet heard back from them.

Elizabeth said her family did not wish to take any action against the track, and that her grandson intends to keep riding in local MX events.

"I know they do everything they do to keep it safe and this was just an unforeseen thing. So we wanna get the word out there, walk the track before you're kids go out there, even if you have to take a slow lap, just to check," Elizabeth said.