Four Red River Hogs Born at Sacramento Zoo

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A red river hog gave birth to four new hoglets Sunday afternoon at the Sacramento Zoo, according to zoo officials.

Two of the newly born hogs are male, while the other two are female. Zookeepers named all four after “Star Wars” characters: The males were named Poe and Kylo, and the females were named Finn and Rey. Zoo officials say the hogs will weigh between 120 and 250 pounds and be three to five feet long once fully grown.

Red river hogs come from tropical forests in central and west Africa, officials say. Their native populations are decreasing through hunting, commercial bushmeat trade and being killed as agricultural pests.

The Sacramento Zoo hosts them as part of the Red River Hog Species Survival Program.

To allow the new family of red river hogs to bond, zoo officials will keep them away from the exhibit for the first week.

— Tyler Heberle filed this report