Sacramento Man Convicted in Second Trial for 1998 Murder

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A Rio Linda man was convicted Tuesday for the 1998 murder of another man. It was the second time David Earl Williams was tried for the crime.

Williams, 51, was accused of murdering Mallory Treadwell, then 21. Treadwell’s body was found July 27, 1998, in a Rio Linda irrigation canal. Authorities said he was strangled by a leather belt while his hands and feet were bound together with rope. This happened the same morning Williams’ house was burglarized.

During the summer of 1998, Williams was under investigation by federal authorities and the DEA for dealing cocaine and marijuana.

An informant told homicide detectives that Williams allegedly found one of the burglars in his yard and proceeded to tie him up, break his neck and hide the body in Rio Linda.

A subsequent search in Williams’ house revealed multiple guns, cocaine, marijuana and a rope scientifically proven to be identical to the one used to restrain Treadwell. Other items in Williams’ home and car also linked him to the killing.

Further evidence showed that Treadwell was not responsible for burglarizing Williams’ house. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office suggests that Williams mistook Treadwell for one of the burglars.

In 2001, Williams was convicted of murder. A California state appellate court approved his charges. A federal district court ordered that Williams be retried in 2012.

Williams faces 25 years to life in prison. His sentencing is set for May 3, 2016.

— Tyler Heberle filed this report