Barefoot Burglar Sneaks in Through Doggy Door of Elk Grove Home

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Surveillance video captures a man entering an Elk Grove home. Residents say he got inside through the doggy door.

"We have a lot of security measures. We have a sign that would hopefully deter it," Elk Grove resident, Mike Bruins said.

In fact, he has three signs around his property:

"CAUTION. Killer Bassett Hound On Duty."
"Nevermind the Dog. Beware of Owner!" (with a picture of a handgun)
"Vivint" Security.

By putting them up, Bruins hopes intruders will see and think twice about breaking into his Elk Grove home. But these did not stop a man from sneaking inside.

"He was able to jimmy it open, and he spent a good two minutes inside the home," Bruins said.

He did not get in through a door or window. The barefoot bandit jumped the fence and somehow got inside through their doggy door. He spent a few minutes inside, until he set off the motion sensor light. That's when Charger, a 1-year-old border collie lab mix, started barking.

"If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have gotten up," Bruin's wife, Stephanie Pryor, said.

Spooked, the doggy door intruder ran outside.

What the man did not know was that everything he was doing was caught on camera. It is part of a security system the Bruins got installed two weeks ago.

"I was able to look at my phone, and saw the suspect still here, looking through the front door," Bruins said.

Surveillance video shows the man sticking around for a few seconds until he made his getaway.

"The worst thing that comes to my mind is that it only takes a few seconds to walk into my daughter's bedroom and never see her again," Bruins said.

Luckily that was not the case.

Elk Grove Police immediately arrived with their dogs and chopper to look for the man, with no luck. Now they are hoping the public can help identify the intruder.

"Maybe someone will recognize him, that's what I'm hoping," Pryor said.

Oddly enough, this man who spent several minutes inside and outside their home got away with nothing.

All electronics and valuables were left untouched. The only thing the Bruins are missing ...

"Our remote, I guess, because I can't find it," Pryor laughed.

If you recognize the suspect, you are urged to call the Elk Grove Police Department at (916) 714-5111.

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