Man Accused of Inappropriately Touching Women

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Vacaville police hope the public can help identify a man, who they say has preyed on women at the Vacaville Outlets since January.

“If a guy approaches you with a dog, don’t straight up go to the dog. Be careful because he could touch you,” a victim who was groped by the suspect last month, while she worked at one of the outlet stores, told FOX40. She did not want to be identified.

Police want to catch the suspect before he strikes again.

“We don’t know the intent of the person. It’s unwanted contact. It’s always a concern when somebody [shows] this kind of behavior and that kind of touching is appropriate,” Vacaville police Lt. Matt Lydon said.

The woman was working with her manager in the early evening of March 21, when the suspect entered her store with his white and brown spotted Chihuahua named Mad Max, under his arm.

She greeted her potential patron and pet his dog. When she approached, she said the man grabbed her waist.

She was immediately uncomfortable and taken aback when the suspect then grabbed her buttocks and sniffed her hair.

At that point, she walked to the back room to compose herself.

“And then I heard him say, ‘Oh honey. That’s so sweet. Do you wanna make out with me in the back?’”

She didn’t reappear until she watched through the surveillance camera that he left the store. That’s when she broke down in tears. The man had also lied and told her manager that he was the woman’s boyfriend.

“I went home and I cried. I told my parents what happened. My mom was really mad,” she said.

So angered that they reported the incident to Vacaville police.

“That’s when we started to develop more information about this that he may have frequented the Outlets more than once, than reported,” Lydon told FOX40.

Similar offenses date back to January. This surveillance picture has jogged some memories with employees, who have circulated his image among themselves.

“Yes, they did have an incident, or an inappropriate comment to them,” Lydon added.

If you have any information on the suspect, call Vacaville police Detective Don McCoy at 707-469-6611.

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