Neighbors Think Man Caught on Surveillance Could be ‘Doggy Door Burglar’

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It's a neighborhood get together, but not the kind these Elk Grove folks ever wanted to have.

It's one to talk about someone who's come to visit all of them -- without an invite.

"He tried to get into my husband's truck, and it wouldn't open, so he moved on to the next one," said Camie Court homeowner Hong Nguyen, who now feels unsafe in the place she should feel most secure.

"Always have to make sure the doors are locked and the kids are not out there by themselves," she said.

"He goes up to my wife's BMW and it's locked. And he goes to my other truck and it's locked," said Daniel Marks as he points to surveillance images recorded during the early morning hours of March 24.

Actually several neighbors with camera systems captured the same video of a prowler-wannabe-burglar hopping fences, walking on trucks and getting into cars that same morning.

"He goes to my work truck. My work truck was unlocked," said Marks.

The suspect actually stays in that truck for three minutes -- not stealing the CD or navigation systems but leaves with almost $10 in change.

"I had a customer cancel on me the prior evening, and usually leave at 5:15 a.m., so I could have left out -- ready to go to work and could have looked into the passenger seat and saw this guy," said Marks.

After sending his neighborhood's surveillance video in to Elk Grove PD  -- with no response according to Marks -- he says was stunned to see a person he believes is the same man in a FOX40 story about surveillance of a doggy door break-in five miles away.

How'd he recognize him?

"The same cheek bones, the same chin ... and his hands."

In the doggy door debacle, the suspect left with nothing after a bold border collie-lab mix scared him away.

He's left Camie Court with some quarters and dimes and the ire of the neighborhood.

"I would hate to see if my neighbors catch this guy, 'cause it's gonna be pretty bad for him," said Marks.

Elk Grove police say the initial report on Camie Court was for a theft from an unlocked car, which is a misdemeanor.

Investigation into this suspect's other stops around the neighborhood is pending.

Folks in the area are posting fliers with the suspect's picture as a warning to other homeowners and to him.

They're offering a $500 reward for information that leads to his capture.

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