Teens Trespassing on Train Tracks, in Tunnels in Placer County

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A major uptick in trespassing calls at Placer County tunnels and train properties is causing concern among authorities and neighbors. It's not just dangerous but also expensive when people are caught around train tracks.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office and Union Pacific Railroad Police report more and more teenagers are using Clark Tunnel as their hang out spot.

"Them getting home safe to their families is our utmost concern," said Justin Jacobs, media director with Union Pacific.

Trains aren't like cars. There's no steering wheel and no quick way to break. Jacobs said a train traveling at 55 mph takes about one mile to stop.

If Union Pacific gets a report of someone on the tracks or in a tunnel it doesn't just stop one train, but every train from Omaha to Oakland. The price tag of the stop is upward of $10,000.

You can be slapped with a misdemeanor and a fine if you're caught on railroad property. No one has been given a citation yet, but the Placer County Sheriff's Office said if the problem continues trespassers will have to pay.

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