Local Republicans Weigh in on Upcoming California Primary

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SACRAMENTO -- The 2016 presidential race will soon hit California, and for the first time in a long time, California's primary race will have a major impact on deciding each party's nominee.

Recent field poll results show Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz by seven points on the GOP side, but many Trump supporters feel the state's Republican Party hasn't embraced their candidate.

Like many others in the Sacramento area, Ricardo Sibrian wasn't born here. He moved from El Salvador as a teen. What does set him apart from most of the local Hispanic community –he’s a steadfast Donald Trump supporter.

"I like how he runs his business. I feel that he will practice the same way if he was to be president,” said Sibrian, who is a business owner himself. Sibrian owns Perko’s Grill in Sacramento. He says Trump's was one of the first books he read while learning English. He believes Trump understands the needs of small businesses like his.

"I wish more Hispanics would understand that and focus on that aspect,” said Sibrian. He says the same about California Republicans, many of whom are on the "Anyone but Trump” train.

"Even with his own party, the negatives are really mounting,” said Rob Stutzman, a California Republican strategist who works with "Victory California", an Anti-Trump Super PAC.

Ahead of the state's critical June primary vote, the California field poll shows Trump carrying 39 percent of Republican voters to Ted Cruz's 32 percent.

"Either way, California's going to matter. Either we help propel this to an open convention, or we could put Donald Trump over the top,” said Stutzman.

California has 53 voting districts, and each carries three delegates. The winner of each district will come away with all three, meaning all of the Republican candidates are essentially vying for 53 small races..

"We support all of our candidates until such a time as the nominee is decided,” said Kaitlyn MacGregor, spokesperson for the California Republican Party.

California's Republican Party denies it is Anti-Trump in any way. MacGregor says the party invited all three GOP contenders to its state convention in May.

"We hope that all of our Republicans get to hear from the candidates at some point,” MacGregor said. So far, Kasich and Cruz have committed to coming, Trump has yet to respond to the invitation.

In order to vote in the Republican Primary, you must be a registered Republican. If you aren't, you have until May 23rd to register.

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