Off Duty Firefighter One of First on Scene; Helps with Medical Aide of Officer

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SACRAMENTO -- Almost nine hours after arriving at UC Davis Medical Center as the victim of a highway crime and not the case investigator, it looks like one CHP veteran has another chance at life.

"Gratitude... with the fact that he's alive," Sacramento Firefighter-Paramedic Sharon McIntyre said, as she described her feeling.

McIntyre, a 12-year veteran, was driving down I-80 when she said she saw drivers in front of her slamming on their brakes. What struck her as odd, though, was what prompted her to get out of her car and help injured officer Michael Ericson.

"People were turning in multiple directions and bailing out of their cars to run to the center of the incident," McIntyre explained.

McIntyre says she grabbed the officer's radio and called dispatch, then, with the help of others on scene, applied medical attention to the injured officer. Although she was off-duty at the time, and had no medical equipment, McIntyre helped organize people on scene to help until help arrived.

It's the same routine that she said she would've done with any person injured, whether law enforcement or citizen. A short time later, a helicopter was re-routed to the scene to pick up the officer.

"They were already in the air and then based on her radio call to CHP dispatch, they were able to land it on the freeway and get the officer loaded in to the helicopter and here to UC Davis" said Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.

While McIntyre is humble and shrugs off the 'hero' title, she point out that she'd never seen the community come together to help after an incident like they did in this case.

"After the worst happened... the best followed," she said.

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