Brother of Suspect Accused of Intentionally Running Over CHP Officer Speaks Out

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SACRAMENTO -- Watching all that investigators say his brother is responsible for... Dylan Scott is stunned.

Speaking to FOX40 by phone from Reno, Scott says 28-year-old Austin has faced serious problems over the years, but nothing that ever made him think his brother would do what he's currently accused of.

Officials say Austin intentionally ran over CHP officer Michael Ericson in Sacramento and stole cars as he ran through three counties to try and get away. Ericson pulled over on his motorcycle to help a broken-down truck Austin occupied, when, investigators say, Scott backed a truck he'd stolen in Reno right over him.

"Things have been rocky off and on, but things were starting to get better. And then he started using drugs again," Scott told FOX40.

CHP chopper

CHP Helicopter Landed on the Freeway to Pickup Ericson

As FOX40's learning more about the man who was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon and drugged and drunk driving when he's accused of trying to take Ericson's life, we're also learning more about the life-saving efforts that were at work Thursday.

"We'd move this seat right here. This seat will come off the rails, and there's another set of rails in the back... the silver litter goes into the white foot pegs here," said CHP Flight Officer-Paramedic Jim Hendrix.

Just a few of the dozens of small, precise steps that have to be taken when a California Highway Patrol chopper has to get set up for the kind of situation that downed Ericson.

"Everything that you see on this back wall right here these everything you'd see in an ambulance. We just carry smaller quantities," he said.

As she ran to his aid on the ground, off-duty firefighter-paramedic Sharon McIntyre grabbed Ericson's radio and re-directed all of H-20's healing metal and muscle to a freeway landing.

Flight Officer Jim Hendrix wasn't at the controls then, but has been in similar missions many times.

"Usually it only takes us two to five minutes to reconfigure."

He was on board in 2014 when the call came to help Placer county sheriff's department detective Michael Davis Junior - the second of two officers shot during a two-county crime spree by suspect Luis Monroy Bracamontes.

Both of the officers died.

"The fact that we were able to land and do what we could for them and the other deputies on scene and like for the other officer that brandon got to's something we cherish and we take a lot of pride in our job. We love what we do," said Hendrix.

Low-Flying Plane Aides in Suspect's Arrest


Another part of the aerial effort to capture the man who ran over Officer Ericson on I-80 Thursday was the plane involved in the pursuit that eventually ended in Solano County.

CHP Air 23 is a Cessna 206 model.

It t helps direct ground maneuvers, keeping everyone at street level as safe as possible when a suspect decides to run.

"We can fly a little bit higher...that's safer for us. It's also safer for the ground units because we can keep an eye on the bad guy...suspect... while he's running and the ground units can back up and stay out of it f they need to. And we can just follow him to wherever he's gonna go and then bring units in after he's stopped," said CHP pilot Gary Wareham.

Suspect Austin Scott was caught in Solano County after a spike strip popped a back tire on the second stolen truck investigators say he used to escape.

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