Kaiser Permanente Gives Students Royal Treatment at Special Prom Night

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ROSEVILLE -- They're well-versed in waiting -- for hospital appointments, for a cure, for better days ahead. Well, today happens to be one of those days.

It was probably better than a regular high school prom. The girls got their hair and make up done, new dresses, really the whole works, and all of it for free for Kaiser Permanente's special prom night.

For Emily Marler, getting here, all dolled up, for the Roseville Kaiser Permanente high school prom has taken every ounce of her energy.

The 16-year-old has been coming to the hospital for cancer treatments for four years now. "I've been in remission for a while, but my leukemia came back so I'm going to go through treatment again," Marler told FOX40.

There are 20 other girls here tonight with similar stories. Many of whom missed their own high school proms because they were too sick to stand.

Pediatric oncologist Dr. Kent Jolly is one of many people who helped pull all the right strings to roll out the red carpet for these kids battling cancer and other diseases.

"Maybe their doctor just wouldn't sign a medical release because their health was too fragile. So some of them have missed many of these kinds of events," Jolly said.

Now, they can stop being patients, and just enjoy their prom. But what made it so much cooler, some of the Sacramento Kings, including Slamson in a tux, a live DJ, a photo booth, and so much more.

"Usually you wouldn't expect this from a hospital, so it seems so much cooler than just high school prom," Marler said.

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