Joe Biden: ‘I Would Like to See a Woman Elected’

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Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that both Democratic candidates are “totally qualified” to become the next president, adding that he would “like to see a woman elected.”

Biden made his comments during an interview with Mic, which focused on the vice president’s efforts against sexual assault.

When asked whether Sanders’ remarks about Clinton’s qualification and judgment were tantamount to sexism, the vice president responded with an emphatic “no.”

He went on to add that Sanders’ approach contrasts sharply with the rhetorical style of GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Biden said he views both Democratic candidates as qualified, terming the war of words between them just part of the campaign.

“Look, they’re both totally qualified to be president,” Biden said. “They both get in a fight. Campaigns do this.”

The vice president pointed out that Sanders did not say Clinton is “not qualified because she’s a woman.”

Biden also brushed aside the notion that Clinton is held to a higher standard because she’s a woman.

“No, I don’t think she’s held to a higher standard. This country’s ready for a woman. There’s no problem. We’re going to be able to elect a woman in this country,” Biden said, adding, “I would like to see a woman elected.”

He continued, “Hillary’s overwhelmingly qualified to be president.”

Biden said he would not endorse a Democratic candidate, and said he and President Barack Obama want to “Let the party decide.”

Mic’s full interview is scheduled to publish Wednesday.

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