Deadly Virus Killing Ducks, Geese at Popular Marysville Park

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A deadly outbreak of an avian virus could decimate the waterfowl population of a popular Marysville park. Several ducks have tested positive for the duck enteritis virus, also known as DVE.

Monday, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed several duck carcasses have tested positive for DVE.

"And usually they have to let it run its course," said Harry Morse, a spokesman for the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

There's little else the agency can do because the waterfowl population at Ellis Lake is wild.

"You can't control an environment where animals and people are coming in and out, and it's not a sterile environment," he said.

The lake is open and outside birds can fly in, and ducks, geese and swans already on the lake cannot be isolated.

"There are not any available tests to see which ones have it, which ones don't, and once they get it it's usually a very short 72-hour period that they get it and they die. It's infectious and it's lethal," Morse told FOX40.

Now many who frequent the park worry what this could mean for their health, especially fishermen.

But Morse said DVE can not be contracted by humans or other species, just waterfowl.