Firefighters Say They’ve Seen Increase in Calls Reporting Dogs in Hot Cars

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Sacramento 911 dispatchers have been getting a lot of calls that sound very similar over the past few days. There's been a spike in firefighters dispatched to rescue dogs from hot cars.

FOX40 caught up with Sacramento firefighters dispatched to a dog trapped in a car parked in a midtown parking lot.

This owner said she was only shopping for five minutes. The windows were left open.

"But it was still well into the triple digits. So we determined it was best to get the dog out," said Captain Aaron Chandler of the Sacramento City Fire Department.

Firefighters have tools to take a temperature reading inside a hot car, and on a day like this, it can get deadly hot in a hurry.

So they get the dog some water, and wait. Captain Chandler finds out this little Pomeranian's name is Chief.

But here's the thing. What happened to Chief is happening all over Sacramento County.

Metro Fire has been responding to a lot of these calls too --six since Saturday.

"It's picking up. And I think everybody's got to start being prepared. We're used to the winter months. This is a big transition for all of us where you're still wearing a jacket one day, and then you're hot," said Battalion Chief Charles Jenkins of the Metro Fire Department that covers Sacramento County.

As for Chief's owner, the concerned firefighters let her know about the dangers, and then turned them loose. But we notice she got in her car and turned on the A/C full blast, just as soon as she could.