Cooking with Skool Restaurant

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Paul is in the kitchen with Owner Andy Mirabell and Chef Toshihiro "Moto" from Skool Restaurant located downtown Sacramento.

Skool is lead by two husband and wife teams Owners/Operators Andy Mirabell and Olia Kedik and Executive Chef Toshihiro Nagano aka Moto-San and his wife, Pastry Chef and Creative Director Hiroko Nagano.

Skool’s leaders and team that are committed to doing what’s right for the Earth and our community. Our cuisine is seafood centric with Japanese flair and our practices revolve around the core values of sourcing sustainable, using local ingredients whenever possible, and being conscious of our waste production and disposal.

Dish 1: Sakamushi

  • Steamed Mussels & Clams, Lemongrass Dashi Broth, Aonori Fries

Dish 2: Ooburi

  • Amerjack Sashimi, Nibitashi Eggplant, Pickled Mushrooms, Oni-Oroshi Daikon