One Teen Shot, Another Arrested in Rural Calaveras County

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Gunshots end a 14-year-old's life in broad daylight in a quarry in West Point.

Mason Fouch says he ran to his brother Colby Fouch before he took his final breath Wednesday.

"As soon as I looked, I seen the one through his neck, and I knew he wasn't gonna even make it to come back to us," Mason Fouch said.

Police initially reported this as an accidental shooting, that two teens were apparently bird hunting when the fatal shot was fired.

"We never gave information of this being a hunting accident," Mason Fouch said.

Fouch believes his brother and his 16-year-old friend were trying to defend themselves from bullies.

He says the older teen brought the shotgun.

"The reason he had the gun out in the first place was because he felt threatened by two kids at the high school," said Mason Fouch.

As the sheriff's department tries to piece together the unfortunate end to a young life, the victim's friend is being considered a suspect.

"The 16-year-old was booked into Calaveras County Juvenile Probation for grossly negligence discharge of a firearm, which is a felony," said Sgt. Anthony Everhardt with the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department.

Others in Calaveras County are not surprised teens are using guns but hope this serves as a reminder about gun safety.

"It's a weapon that can be used to kill things," said Chris Staudy.

For the Fouch family, there is frustration and sadness as they mourn the sudden end to this 14-year-old's life.

"You never know, in the blink of an eye anyone can be gone," Mason Fouch said.

The Calaveras County Sheriff's Department's investigation is ongoing.