Open Air Urinal Lawsuit

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Defense Attorney Ken Rosenfeld is in the studio with Paul discussing the latest stories in the media.

  • A religious group sued San Francisco over open air urinal.
    • The Chinese Christian Union of San Francisco filed a civil complaint last week demanding the city remove the concrete circular urinal from the iconic Dolores Park.The group says the urinal, which is out in the open and screened only with plants for privacy, "emanates offensive odors," ''has no hand-washing facilities" and "it's offensive to manners and morals." (Via AP)
  • Volkswagon got caught red handed cheating on emission tests and they are due to negotiate some compensation
    • VW has been in round-the-clock negotiations with U.S. environmental regulators, criminal investigators as well as attorneys for the owners of 600,000 diesel cars in the U.S.There are widespread reports that the automaker has reached a deal to pay each diesel owner up to $5,000. VW could also offer to buy back cars from owners who no longer want them. Volkswagen declined to comment.Volkswagen so far has only given owners $500 in cash and $500 in store credits. It's also hired attorney Kenneth Feinberg to run a compensation fund for owners. But details of that compensation plan have yet to be decided. (via CNN)