Sacramento Pays Tribute to Music Legend Prince

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The electric sound, unique style and immeasurable talent taken too soon. At just 57 years old, genius musician Prince has died.

Folsom native and member of The Family Stone, Jerry Martini, toured with Prince between 1997 and 2000. Martini made guest appearances at his shows up until 2013. He reflected on the loss of his friend.

"I will miss Prince, I will love him with all my heart, and I'm so sad he's gone. I had a lot of respect for him, he loved our band, we loved him, and his music -- it was heartbreaking to find out," said Martini.

Fans are dealing with this major blow to the music industry. Prince leaves behind vivid memories for Sacramento natives.

Owner of Tower Cafe Jim Seyman looked back on the day the musical trailblazer walked through his doors in 2012.

"I can remember him reaching out over the table and grabbing my arm. It's really inspiring to be anywhere close to someone who's such a remarkable artist," said Seyman.

Purple flowers rested on the table Thursday where Prince once sat at Tower Cafe.

The innovative performer wasn't confined to one genre of music. He dabbled in everything from rock 'n' roll to funk and even tried acting.

That freedom of expression is what professor Dyne Eifertsen teaches his students about at American River College.

"He didn't really care if something worked or not, he did it for an artistic statement."

Sold out albums at Dimple Records, purple memorials and Prince-only playlists at bars are just some of the ways Sacramento is paying homage to the performer.

"A great human being was lost, and far too early," Seyman said.