Ticket Shortage Causes Prom Panic at One Vacaville High School

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For one Vacaville high school, a lack of prom tickets caused a furor when many of the school's seniors realized they wouldn't be partaking in this year's events.

At Will C. Wood High School, some of the seniors received an unwelcome message. There was a shortage of prom tickets.

Senior Clarence Grismore says he was worried he wouldn't get to participate.

"I tried to get my prom ticket, but they said it was, like, sold out," said Grismore.

It's something many seniors were shocked to hear. So, in the early morning hours on Thursday, they lined up, hoping for a chance to go to prom.

"I just wanted to make sure I was able to go to my senior prom," said Grismore.

The line was wrapped around the building, some getting in line as early as 4 in the morning.

"They made a waiting list, and everyone on that list is allowed to go to prom now," said Grismore.

The Vacaville Unified School District says they simply weren’t prepared for the volume of students who wanted tickets, offering only about 300.

"We have an unprecedented interest in prom, which is exciting for us," said Jennifer Leonard, a spokesperson with the school district.

Leonard says the high school moved quickly to increase capacity at the venue in Napa and has since offered everyone tickets.

"What we did today was create a waiting list, we asked kids to show up before school and let us know if they wanted to participate but didn’t have tickets," said Leonard

But some students, were still a bit disgruntled. They say posts on social media, chatter in courtyards and hallways was consumed by the prom plight.

"People are mad about it still, but people are usually chill because before, like, last week they said that they were sold out, and this week they said 'oh we go them,'" said senior Yvone Gann

High school sweethearts Gann and Zach Ormand say they’ve been prepared for a few weeks, buying their prom tickets in advance. In fact, Yvone even asked Zach, switching the typical role of the male asking the female.

"It kind of blindsided me, we were on a cute date to the park," said Ormand.

She says it was a simple prom proposal for a night they hope to remember for years to come.

But for other seniors, they were stuck waiting in line Thursday morning. However, Grismore says his efforts paid off, he is now the proud owner of prom tickets.

"Prom is important to us seniors, it's right under graduation," said Grismore.

With the prom panic taking over the school, Ormand says he tried to keep things in perspective and not get caught up in the hype.

"It's just a dance," said Ormand.

The school district says about 385 seniors have requested tickets to prom and they plan to accommodate all of them.