Jackson Firefighter’s Bag of Equipment Stolen

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JACKSON -- The Jackson Fire Department wants you to be on the lookout after someone who stole a volunteer firefighter's bag full of gear. Thousands of dollars in equipment is now gone, and the agency has no choice but to replace the bag. But it comes at a cost, and taxpayers are footing the bill.

Each firefighter gets that bag of gear costing $3,000. Without it, doing the job is impossible.

"If you don't have your gear I can't use you in a fire -- any kind of fire," Jackson Fire Chief Mark Morton told FOX40.

A rookie volunteer firefighter is learning a lesson in responsibility the hard way. Morton said the firefighter left his gear unattended for just a few minutes Thursday at a Sutter Creek car wash on Ridge Road. When he got back, it was gone.

Chief Morton lectured the rookie and said he knows it won't happen again, but it doesn't change the fact a thief took something that doesn't belong to him or her.

The bag of equipment is given to every firefighter at the department. It's paid for by the city, but the chief says it's a tough call.

"All we have to work with is the general fund money to buy this kind of equipment unless we get a grant it's all coming from taxpayers," Morton explained.

Morton said if you have the equipment, or know someone who does, just return it to any fire or police department in the county no questions asked.

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