Cam Newton Jumps Fence to Play Football with Starstruck Seventh-Graders

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DAVIDSON, N.C. — Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton was reportedly driving past a school when he saw a student wearing his jersey Friday, and the NFL star decided to hop a fence and reward the loyalty of that fan and the other students.

According to WSOC, Newton was filming for a show when he drove past Community School of Davidson and noticed one student wearing his jersey on the playground. A teacher reports the quarterback sought permission from staff before hopping over the fence, scooping up a football and throwing a few passes.

The video shows students thronging around Newton, some in apparent disbelief. One kid has his hands on his head as if he doesn’t quite know how to react, while another girl is screaming and even appears to cry as she asks her mom if she can take a picture.

“I saw one girl crying and hyperventilating and when I asked, ‘Sweetheart what’s wrong?’ she said, ‘That was just the best moment of my life,’” Mimi Siadak, a teacher at the school, told WSOC.

The students reportedly wrote thank you notes to the quarterback, with WSOC quoting one note that said the visit was a bright moment in an otherwise dark time.

“I am in a hard place in my life, because my parents are getting divorced,” the student wrote. “But to me you are now a symbol of hope and that even when things go bad there is always happiness.”

The quarterback also posed for a “dabbing” photo with the students.

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