Father of Baby Shaken to Death in 2006 Gives Speeches to Raise Awareness

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It's been almost 10 years since 14-month-old Hannah Rose Juceam was pronounced dead after being left alone with her babysitter. The tragedy in happened in Roseville in May of 2006 and changed the life of a father and family.

“It feels like yesterday, and it feels like 100 years ago,” Hannah's father, Scott Juceam, said.

Hannah Rose’s baby sitter, Veronica Martinze Salcedo, told authorities she had shaken the baby, but after two mistrials, was never convicted.  Now after a decade, Hannah's father is speaking about transforming his grief into a worthy cause.

“There’s a learning lesson in a decade … I’ve learned how to take this terrible pain and try to share it in a way that is tempered right, where people will be inspired or motivated to do something,” Scott Juceam said.

Juceam has given over 500 speeches to those who need to understand his pain, first responders, which is why he returned to the Sacramento area this weekend.

Saturday, Scott Juceam talked with a room full of police chaplains at the Rocklin Police Department.

It’s all in an effort to raise awareness and prevent other baby from suffering Hannah's fate, going back to a promise he made to Hannah just moments before taking her off life support.

“Before my daughter took her last breath, that is where I told her ‘I promise you that I will let the world know who you are, and I will do everything I can to stop shaken baby syndrome from existing,” Scott Juceam said.

Salcedo was never convicted, and in the end was deported back to Mexico, as she was not in the US legally.

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