Loved Ones Mourn Death of Woman Killed Riding Bicycle on El Camino Avenue

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Family and friends mourned the death of a woman killed while riding her bike after witnesses said a car being driven recklessly crashed into her.

Brandi Weaver, a mother of three young kids, died before she arrived at the hospital. Witnesses, including her boyfriend, tried to help save her life at the scene.

"I dropped to my knees, and I tried to save her but I couldn't save her. I couldn't save her," said Brandi's boyfriend, Roderick Cowart.

It's one thing to hear the love of your life has died suddenly, but to see it happen and feel powerless to help, it's something Cowart says he wishes he could forget.

"When I saw that car hit her. It was like she was nothing, lifeless," said Cowart.

Monday night, as she crossed El Camino Avenue near Business 80 on her bike, she was hit and killed by a driver police say was under the influence, speeding and driving recklessly, according to witnesses.

Police say that woman is 32-year-old Ashley Mauling.

Witnesses at the scene tried CPR, but couldn't save Weaver.

"She kind of tilted back, and I saw her take her last breath," said former nurse Luana Mahler.

Mahler even called Weaver's mother, Betty Belcher Larson, from the scene, who 10 months ago lost her son Michael to a murder. Now she's lost two children in less than a year.

"My heart weeps for her, and I'd like to hold her in my arms and tell her sister it's going to be OK," said Mahler.

Mahler and Brandi's mother had an emotional follow-up conversation Tuesday.

"Brandi was a very loving, and very heart endearing person. No matter where in the room she went into she lit the room up," her mother said.

Mahler made the initial phone call to family because Cowart was too emotional to manage it.

It was a scene Mahler says she'll never forget -- Cowart near Brandi's body, so shaken he couldn't stand.

"When paramedics arrived on scene, and we stepped away, I pulled him away," said Mahler.

Cowart says the two were planning to marry in a few months. Now the last moments of Brandi's life are burned in his memory forever.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," said Cowart.