CHP Officer Hurt After Suspected DUI Driver Rams Patrol Vehicle Near Grass Valley

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It was an anything-but-routine end to what began as a routine Monday shift for CHP Officer Reaves Douglas.

"We actually heard the call sitting in the office. The officer was able to call that he'd been in a collision. Upped the sense of urgency, and that's how we got the information and responded," said Lt. Cmdr. George Steffenson with CHP Grass Valley.

Rattled and rear-ended at the intersection of Grass Valley's Highway 49 and La Barr Meadows Road, the 20-year-veteran of the California Highway Patrol was victim and first responder at the same time -- laying out the scenario for his CHP colleagues by radio.

The collision was much more than a bump.

"Pretty significant, yeah," said Steffenson.

Reaves Douglas

Reaves Douglas (Courtesy: CHP)

He was hit, investigators say, by a Toyota Rav 4 likely traveling close to highway speed.

Soon after, Douglas was in a helicopter, airlifted to Sutter-Roseville Medical Center with what was described as minor to moderate injuries.

Officer Douglas had an MRI and X-rays, and he is expected to be released from the hospital sometime Monday night.

"We were able to get his family to him and he was very appreciative of the outpouring of support. Still visibly shaken up, but grateful," Steffenson said.

Douglas' 15-year-old son and his girlfriend declined to talk on camera about what had happened.

The CHP says part of what landed Douglas in the hospital was the choice the driver of the Rav 4 made to get behind the wheel while allagedly under the influence of a controlled substance.

Harold Goodman, 63, was arrested after he'd been treated at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital for his own injuries from the crash.

(Courtesy: Nevada County Sheriff's Office)

Harold Goodman (Courtesy: Nevada County Sheriff's Office)

FOX40 has learned from court records that this is Goodman's fifth DUI arrest since 1992.

In one case he wasn't driving. One case was eventually dismissed.

At Goodman's home, his new tenant of just two weeks didn't want speak on camera but did share that Goodman -- an Air Force veteran -- had left home this morning to keep an appointment at the VA Hospital in Sacramento County.

He was being treated for depression.

Now he'll face new treatment by the courts  as he answers for this.