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Men Accused in Davis Nightclub Killing Appear in Court

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WOODLAND-- The six men accused of killing a 22-year-old man at KetMoRee night club in Davis last September were indicted by a grand jury Sunday.

This was not Henry Gonzales’ first time coming face to face with the six men accused of killing his youngest son, Peter, but he says it never gets easier.

"It's always difficult to see the people that murdered our son," Gonzales said.

The suspects are 22-year-old Zackary Sandeno, 20-year-old Joseph Sandeno, 26-year-old Martyn Contreras, 22-year-old Victor Vergara, 24-year-old Carlos Biviescas, and 25-year-old Anthony Rivera.

Investigators said they stabbed and killed Peter Gonzales, who was at the KetMoRee night club in downtown Davis, in town to celebrate his sister's wedding.

"They really don't belong to our society. They are parasites that feed off the heart and soul of a community," Gonzales said.

A grand jury indicted all six men over the weekend. Their attorneys argued they needed time to look over the paperwork, but the judge went ahead with the arraignment.

Members from the Davis City council attended the hearing to support the Gonzales family.

After the deadly stabbing, the city changed his bar and night club ordinances, which prompted a six month moratorium.

While Gonzales appreciated all the support and the judge's decision to move forward quickly, he said life will never be the same without his son.

"Well, this brings no satisfaction at all, because my son is gone and there is nothing that can bring him back," Gonzales said.

The judge declared the bail will remain at no bail. The six men will enter their pleas on Friday.