Thieves Break into Rocklin Gun Store by Crashing Stolen Vehicle into Building

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ROCKLIN -- Early Sunday morning, thieves broke into a Rocklin gun store using a stolen vehicle to crash into the building.

It's just the latest burglary in what seems to be a pattern as at least four other stores in Northern California have been targeted this year, including locations in Ceres, Cordelia, Yuba City and two Bay Area cities.

The owners of the Rocklin store said this will end up costing them about $150,000.

"It's very frustrating, I see the looks on the employees' faces, and everybody is really down about it and wonder why it's happened to us, you know?" said Candice Northam, who helps run her family's store.

Rocklin police have surveillance video of the crime but are only releasing a still photo of the suspects' vehicle, which was recovered in Emeryville early Monday morning.

Rocklin police confirmed to FOX40 that car, a gold Nissan Maxima, was reported stolen out of the Bay Area.

"I  mean, we're just a local business trying to make money and these guys come in and rob us, so we feel violated," Northam said.

Northam said she has seen the surveillance video from her store, and five men can be seen taking at least 100 firearms early Sunday morning, most of them handguns. Some of those handguns can only legally be sold to law enforcement officers because they hold extra rounds of ammo.

"We have an $8,000 rifle they didn't even touch... I  mean it was four minutes and they were in and out, grab and go," Northam said.

The Rocklin smash and grab is the latest in a series of similar looking robberies involving gun stores across Northern California.

In the Bay Area last month, four suspects used a car to smash the front of a Petaluma gun store and grabbed more than a dozen handguns. Just two hours earlier, investigators say these same men tried to break into another gun store in El Cerrito, but were unsuccessful. Similar stories have been reported by gun stores in Cordelia and Yuba City.

Then on April 23, Ceres police say a car, which was reported stolen from Oakland, backed into the doors of CenCal Tactical. Two hooded men stole 24 hand guns, 2 AR-15s, a shotgun and a rifle.

Back in Rocklin, Northam said her family is now looking to put cement pillars in front of their store. She hopes other gun stores do more to protect themselves.

"Just be vigilant of who's coming in. Maybe people coming in to case the place the week before, just watch for suspicious activity," Northam said.

The ATF told FOX40 it is following up on all the independent investigations, and working closely with local police. The agency added it is concerned about the stolen firearms being sold on the streets. But at this time, investigators won't say if all of the cases are connected.