Barn Project Representation of Rapid Urban Growth in West Sacramento

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- The almost completed Barn project in the Bridge District of West Sacramento represents the rapid development of housing units in the former warehouse area near Raley Field.

After years of planning and $60 million in infrastructure installations, the area is poised to grow quickly.

“Because of the infrastructure and the land use approvals, this is just the first phase of what’s going to be a mixed use neighborhood ... really urban neighborhood," said West Sacramento Economic Development Director Aaron Laurel.

Laurel said West Sacramento is addressing the housing shortage in the state with what eventually be 4,000 housing units which includes affordable housing.

Dimitri Voloshin was one of the first residents here and couldn't be happier to be near downtown yet have a walking and biking trail outside his townhouse. He doesn't regret the tight urban environment of town homes.

“I used to live in the heart of midtown, I lived in Boulevard Park before so I’m used to being in the urban environment, so no not really, it’s worked out quite well and it’s played out really well," said Voloshin.

While the area will always be tied to the amenities of downtown Sacramento and Old Sacramento a short walk away, the Barn will eventually be an iconic events venue for neighborhood residents.

“It’ll have its own character, it’ll have its own riverfront orientation that you can’t find anywhere else in the region," said Laurel.