Driver Dies After Big Rig Veers Off Highway 99 in Turlock

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TURLOCK -- One man is dead and another man injured after a big rig veered off Highway 99 in Turlock taking out a protective wall and crashing into three cars and a carport at the Avena Bella Apartment Complex.

Twisted metal, shattered glass and a damaged big rig marked the site of the deadly crash.

"I think I'm just still in shock. I've been shaken up since the incident happened and still trying to gather myself,” Shawna Olivas, a resident who lived at the complex said.

The truck’s driver, 65-year-old Sukmander Gill from Livingston, died at the scene. His truck landed just feet away from the complex.

"Oh... that's devastating,” Stacie Schober, another resident said.

Officer Eric Parsons with CHP Modesto told FOX40 the crash took out a protective wall, struck a carport, plus three cars.

“All I heard was a diesel honk a couple of times, that's it. I didn't know what happened,” Schober explained.

A 26-year-old man who was inside a white Toyota Tundra during the crash got out alive.

"Driver of the Tundra there was transported with minor injuries to Emanuel Hospital,” said Officer Eric Parsons, a spokesman with CHP Modesto.

The big rig driver’s family, too heartbroken to speak on camera, told FOX40 he was a nice guy. They said he was on his way to Hayward from Livingston to deliver home building materials.

“Whenever anybody loses a life, it's very sad. There's a family involved,” Schober said.

While the scene was mostly cleaned up hours after the crash, the damage was done. But for the people who live here, it’s not about the mangled mess, it’s about the reality that someone died here.

"Vehicles that get ruined have insurance, you can't replace a life,” Schober said.

Being so close to Highway 99, neighbors said they hope the property managers will take some proactive measures to ensure a tragedy like this doesn’t happen again.

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